Mission 1: The Indian Job

They were a team of elite Special Forces commandos, accused of crimes they DID commit. They escaped and became Mercenaries.
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Mission 1: The Indian Job

Postby Lewis » Sun Sep 10, 2017 10:21 pm

The Indian Job

Players' Introduction:

Lead by Colonel John “Jumbo” Jones, you are a seasoned team of international mercenaries, hired guns, available to the highest bidder. Some months ago, you were hired via a contact of Col. Jones’ who works for Pakistani military intelligence - the infamous Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). You were hired to train fighters belonging to al-Qanoon, a fanatical armed separatist group in Kashmir.

However, subsequent developments in the political situation - such as the US piling on the pressure by signing an agreement to supply India with PAC-2 ‘Patriot’ anti-ballistic missiles - led to Pakistan having to once more prove their commitment to the War on Terror.

Pakistan's President, Pervez Musharraf, forced the ISI into abrupt U-turns on Afghanistan and Kashmir - purging its leadership along the way. Following attacks blamed by Delhi on Pakistan-based Kashmiri militants, General Musharraf ordered the ISI to prevent further attacks by militants in India that could precipitate all-out war. As a result, details of the al-Qanoon cell you were training were relayed to the CIA. In turn they passed them onto India’s military intelligence - Army Directorate of Military Intelligence.

Your leader’s friend in the ISI managed to give the mercenary leader a few minutes warning before the training camp was raided by Indian special forces the Ladakh Scouts (a.k.a. the “Snow Tigers”). With little more than the clothes you stood up in, your team fled south into India. You have ended up in Ahmedabad, a city situated in the state of Gujarat, in western India.

Now, you desperately seek a contract that will recoup your losses and give you the means to get out of India (preferably into Pakistan) without being discovered by the authorities....

A job training al-Qanoon Kashmiri separatists went wrong and Col. John “Jumbo” Jones and his team of elite mercenaries had to flee empty-handed into Ahmedabad in the Indian province of Gujarat to avoid capture by Indian special forces. Their Indian contact, Sunil Mundra, put them in touch with local “art dealer” Indira Kalhish who hired the team to smuggle the stolen painting “The Scream” by Munch to New Delhi and deliver it to John Jacobson.

Bruce MacArthur, an Aussie arms dealer, provided the team with poor quality M16s and two jeeps. Travelling to New Delhi via little-known back-roads, they were ambushed by thugs in a helicopter, but easily defeated them. B M Murtaugh recognised the pilot, a fellow ex-member of Canada’s JTF-2. Under interrogation the pilot, Jerry Touré, revealed that he was working for a wealthy collector of stolen art treasures, a British exile called Roger Dalton. Touré was able to track the team thanks to a homing device attached to one of the Jeeps they were given in Ahmedabad.

When the team try to deliver the painting to John Jacobson at the Royal Court Hotel a trap is sprung by New Delhi's elite police commandos. Thanks to quick thinking by Ryan and B M, Jumbo was rescued from the custody of Inspector Jhana Katanishdi. Once away from the police, Jumbo makes contact with Sunil Mundra and his daughter Drupti and hands the painting to them. The Mundras promise to ransom it back to the Norwegians and send half the proceeds to Jumbo. The Mundras put Jumbo’s team in touch with “businessman” Sindla Bashda. He hires them to steal a gold statue of the Hindu god SHIVA from an estate at Rajallapor in the Punjab - owned by none other than … Roger Dalton! In return part of their payment will be a route out of India and over the border to Pakistan. Dalton is one of three powerful leaders of an art smuggling ring, together with Indian Army General Paja Jalna and Russian diplomat/SVR agent Alexi Dmtryshin. Bashda hopes to disrupt an important meeting of the three leaders.

Parachuting into Rajallapor, the team, especially Ryan, completely trashed Dalton’s estate and eliminated his security. Philippe was severely wounded by an ex-MI6 gunman, the aptly named Mr. Bang. B M scared off Bang by using a LAW on the 1000-year old Hindu shrine.

The team left the compound with the statue in a helicopter, after blowing up most of Dalton's house and vehicles. A short distance away they encountered the Russians and after a tense stand off agreed to swap vehicles, although Alexi Dmtryshin seemed to have mistaken T for a Russian doctor called Yuri Leonov. To everyone’s surprise including his own, T discovered that he can speak fluent Russian. Alexi Dmtryshin indicated that the payment for his help will be that the team do a job for him at some point in the future.

Pursued by General Jalna's forces, the team escaped into Pakistan via Border Post 13 after B M's crazy driving caused a pursuing helicopter gunship to crash. Finally, they deposited the statue in Gurjanwala as instructed. They collected their payment and new identity papers and flew to Mexico for some much-needed R'n'R. While in Mexico they met Joao da Silva, a Portuguese ex-Commando that worked well with Jumbo once before, in Africa. They also took the opportunity to learn diving and sub-aqua skills in the warm waters of Cancun.

Meanwhile, the destruction of the temple and the border incident led to a severe diplomatic crisis between India and Pakistan, for some weeks it looked like the two new nuclear powers might even go to war. Fortunately, frantic diplomatic negotiations by a joint US, Russian and UN team averted hostilities. Alexi Dmtryshin was a key member of the Russian delegation. One fall out was a further tightening of power by General Musharraf, which meant Jumbo’s friend in the ISI (Pakistani Intelligence) was removed from his job.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, with psuedo-historical colour for role-playing purposes only. Any resemblance to real people, countries or organisations, is purely coincidental.

Remember that “Spycraft Mercenaries” is meant to be a pastiche of the real world, with the action dial turned all the way up to 11. As such, whilst there are large elements of truth in the descriptions above, they are not identical with their real world counterparts, as I have exaggerated or ignored certain elements for the sake of good game play. In particular, I do not pretend that everything written above about specific people should be assumed to be true in the real world.

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