Rules Query - Crafting Magic Items

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Rules Query - Crafting Magic Items

Postby ColinBuckler » Mon Jul 24, 2017 10:26 pm

Crafting Magic Item Rules

To create magic items the creator must:

• Have a formula that describes the construction of the item
• Be a spellcaster with spell slots
• Be able to cast spells any spells that the item can produce
• Meet the minimum level determined by the items rarity

GM’s may decide the item requires special ingredients or locations to create.

Creation Process (pg 128 – 129)

An item has a creation cost depending upon its rarity (1/2 for consumable items).
1 spell of the appropriate spell slot needs to be expended each day during construction.
Spell components must be on hand and if they are consumed, then they will be consumed everyday during construction.

Assuming the character engages 8hrs a day and the process consumes 25gp of the creation materials.

e.g. A standard Healing Potion is classed as a Common item and has varying costs associated with it depending on the source:

(1) DMG pg 129 – Common – 100gp
(2) DMG pg 135 – Common – 50 to 100gp
(3) PHB pg 150 – 50pg

I assume healing potions are easier to manufacture so cost the minimum amount, say 50gp. A potion is a consumable item so therefore costs 25gp to manufacture and takes 8 hours to complete.

Also reading about Herbalists Kit in the PHB (pg 154) they are required with creator having Proficiency.

This can be translated to all healing potions as:

Healing Potion, 50gp, Manufacture = 25gp + 1 day + spell slot
Greater Healing Potion, 100gp, Manufacture = 50gp + 2 days to manufacture + spell slot
Superior Healing Potion, 500gp, Manufacture = 250gp + 10 days to manufacture + spell slot
Supreme Healing Potion, 5000gp, Manufacture = 2500gp + 100 days to manufacture + spell slot

Multiple characters can assist in the item creation, spending 8hrs and 25gp towards the manufacture.


All-in-all it’s a right mess - almost a complete after thought for the game.

Let me think about this and see if there are any other options.
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