04 Feb NO CORWYN (Lewis sick)

War is gathering in the dry brown hills known as the Wyrmsmoke Mountains.
As midsummer settles over the land, smothering everything in heat and dust, the fierce warriors of the Kulkor Zhul - "People of the Dragon” in the hobgoblin tongue - gather beneath the dreaded Red Hand banner, ready to sweep down out of the Wyrmsmokes and conquer the human lands below. A new generation of heroes must face an onslaught of fire and steel, the likes of which few have ever seen!
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04 Feb NO CORWYN (Lewis sick)

Postby Lewis » Sun Feb 04, 2018 11:12 am

Sorry, folks. I’m not going to make it tonight. I awoke with a chesty cough and it has now been joined by a heavy cold and a sore throat.

Hopefully, will be back next week.

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