Legends of Kernow 2: Sun 24 March 2013

Sometimes the legends are true.
Lewis' campaign using Chill/The Beast Within rules. Cornwall in the Year of Our Lord 1699 - a land unto itself, a county of wild coasts, desolate moors, haunted tin-mines, drowned kingdoms, secret valleys, wreckers, ghosts, highwaymen, pirates, piskies and just maybe... the last of the giants!
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Legends of Kernow 2: Sun 24 March 2013

Postby Lewis » Thu Mar 21, 2013 9:17 pm

In my 'other' job I'm part of a team delivering a major software delivery this weekend. Based in Telford, I'm having to co-ordinate with Hitchin, Norwich, Pune and Chennai. woo, and indeed, hoo.

Unfortunately, the dudes responsible for putting our stuff actually on the live systems have been steadily moving the time our stuff goes in later and later. It was meant to be Friday night, then it was Saturday, then Sunday morning and is currently Sunday afternoon. I'll be in work all Sunday from breakfast onwards and I'm currently planning to bail around 3:30pm so I can get some food and a shower and get to the club to run Legends of Kernow.

However, if the implementation gets any later, there's a risk I might have to stay in Telford and not come to the club. :(

Hopefully, that won't happen. Either way, I will post as much notice as I can, so please keep an eye on the boards. And I'll try to text people.

<edit> Plus, now, of course, there's the damn weather to take account of as well. I can't believe what I'm seeing here - I've never seen snow travelling sideways at 100mph before!

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