Legends of Kernow 2: The Crawling Chaos: Act the Second

Sometimes the legends are true.
Lewis' campaign using Chill/The Beast Within rules. Cornwall in the Year of Our Lord 1699 - a land unto itself, a county of wild coasts, desolate moors, haunted tin-mines, drowned kingdoms, secret valleys, wreckers, ghosts, highwaymen, pirates, piskies and just maybe... the last of the giants!
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Legends of Kernow 2: The Crawling Chaos: Act the Second

Postby Lewis » Tue Mar 12, 2013 12:57 am

Legends of Kernow 2: The Crawling Chaos: Act the Second - Ghost in My House

You voice echoes through the room
There's a ghost in my house
And I can't hide
From the ghost of your love

It keeps on haunting me
Just keeps on reminding me
I just keep hearing your footsteps on the stairs
When I know there's no-one there

("There's a Ghost in My House" - R Dean Taylor)

Our courageous (!) investigators pull themselves together and re-examine the dining room, remarking on a certain "wheel-based" theme to the decor. They discover a box behind a painting of a hay-wagon and in the box find a drawing that suggests the house may have a passage containing a set of stairs leading down to the mine. They head to the kitchen to investigate.

As he opens the door to the pantry, Lord Robert is attacked by a surprisingly mobile rotting corpse. As the viscount flees (and his bodyguard accompanies him), it is left to Barebones and Trystan Poldark to fight the undead creature. Trystan finally finishes it off with an extremely well-aimed (or very lucky) pick-axe to the head. While outside Lord Robert and Gallowglass discover signs of Patrin that warn travellers away from the house, especially the attic. naturally, Mr Gallowglass tries to head to the attic. On his own. Didn't I make it clear this was a horror game? Fortunately, he can't find it. Although he nearly gets grabbed by a wooden hand on the stairs.

When everyone returns to the kitchen, Trystan takes this opportunity to reveal that he is actually a she, called Eva. She also realises that there is a dip in the floorboards. after some impromptu carpentry, the boards are up, revealing the start of a staircase down into darkness. Lord Robert tries to get more light by removing candles from the cart-wheel chandelier in the Dining room, but a supernatural entity warns him off with messages in blood, and then attacks him with the awesome power of... making it a bit chilly.

Eva and Mistress Tiddy depart to fetch more lanterns. While the ladies are away, Lord Robert and Mr Blackwell get the dice out and start a game of Hazard, much to Barebones' disgust. Eventually the ladies return. The heroes discover that the shaft is filled in with earth, but Eva manages to recover a sledgehammer.

Moving upstairs, Mr Gallowglass takes point. He faces sudden attack from five animated skeletons! But they melt away like a bad dream when Barebones fires his Dragon at them. In the Library they investigators discover a couple of 50-year-old letters. One from a firm of solicitors offering Jago Carrick £100 and one from Santo - an old friend of Carrick's - offering him an opportunity to share in a gold mine in South Wales. Again, a warning in blood appears, but this one is different in tone, more pleading than aggressive.

Finally, the would-be ghost-busters find the secret passge to the attic. Searching the boxes therein, they find Martha Carrick's diary. The last entries of the journal reveal a horrific story how Jago collapsed the mine on purpose to get money to finance a move to Wales. It seems he buried his workers. But the Irish foremen escaped and wreaked bloody retribution upon him. Martha saw them tie him to a cartwheel and beat him to death and then throw his body down the shaft below the kitchen. The wheel is important, somehow both ghosts are tied to it.

Just as the party discover this vital clue, there is a sudden voice behind them and two fiercly glowing lights appear between them and the way out!!!

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