New Years Campaign

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New Years Campaign

Postby Mark » Mon Dec 10, 2012 2:45 pm

I spoke to a couple of players last night who seemed interested in starting a 40k campaign in the new year.
I’ll happily organise the campaign, write a back story and post a narrative of the battles on the forums here but I could do with knowing how many players would be interested in playing and what forces they’ll be using.

Tiddy has kindly purchased a copy of Planetary empires so we’ll incorporate that and once I know who’s playing we can decide on how to proceed.

The two basic options for a campaign are either;
1 – Every player for himself (the easiest to run)
2 – Forces of the Imperium Vs. everybody else

If the split between players (Imperium / Xeno) is fairly even then I’d suggest we use the second option as it would make for a better narrative. Plus it would allow for some 2 on 2 or if we’re lucky 3 on 3 games.

So to start the ball rolling I can field;
Space Marines, Chaos Space Marines, Imperial Guard or Eldar, Dark Eldar are also a possibility but they’re all still in boxes at the moment.

Would prefer to use space marines or Chaos Space Marines but depending on what everybody else wants to use I can go either way.

So if your interested let me know the following
1 – Who you are
2 – What force you’ll be using
3 – What sort of campaign you would prefer (every man for himself or Co-op campaign)

If you know of other players who don’t check the boards, give them a nudge and see if they’re interested and post on their behalf with their force info.

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Re: New Years Campaign

Postby Jester » Mon Dec 10, 2012 5:32 pm

Hiya Mark,

I really enjoyed the last outing for 40K as did Jack and Hayley, and we would all like to come back into the 40K fold.

I would love to have a crack at the Eldar, but whatever is the most popular, as for Jack and Hayley I think both would prefer a co-op game rather than an all one for themselves thing.

Jack is happy to play any as is Hayley as she is unsure of all the stuff.

So count us in.

Gez (jester)
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Re: New Years Campaign

Postby Mark » Tue Dec 11, 2012 9:55 am


There would appear to be some confusion here but to clarify, I will be running Black Crusade at some point in the New Year. We can pick up where we left off with the current characters or if people want to change we're at a fairly good point.
I rolled up a character on Jerry’s behalf so he may wish to create his own and a couple others may have decided they want to try something different. The first game was intended for the players who hadn't played BC before to get a taste of it. So if some players wish to change (not everyone hopefully) I don't mind but this is a once in a campaign (except after death) opportunity. We're even at a point where Traitor Legionnaires could be easily included so that’s a possibility too.

New characters won't be bound by your blood pact but that’s not an insurmountable problem and Mitch won't be joining us in the foreseeable future but I've got plans for his character ……..Mwahahahaha.

However to the confusion, my original post was directed at the table top war gamers. As for the first couple of weeks in the New Year, up to mid Feb (when I go to Cuba) I’m likely to be all over the place so I didn’t want to put myself forward for a game that I may not be able to attend. That said I still wanted to do something so I asked the table toppers if they’d be interested in a 40k table top campaign, which was the purpose of my post, although I can see how it could have been misinterpreted.

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Re: New Years Campaign

Postby DrEvil » Fri Jan 11, 2013 8:08 pm

Hi Mark

Have asked Simon to ask around. He believes the following will be there:

Simon - Orcs/Dark Eldar (not decided yet)
Connor - Nids
Braden - Grey Knights
Jordan - Necrons
Tom - Chaos

Also a possibility of (another) Jordan turning up with Imperium

All have been told to bring 1000pts with games from 6 - 9pm. It may be prudent to set turn time limits to keep the games moving fast and keep minds on the task at had.



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