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Games Starting 13 November

Posted: Sun Oct 30, 2016 4:08 pm
by Jester
Hiya everyone,

I know this forum board is not visited very often, but until we find a better way I will throw out the games as normal.

Thank you to all the GM's for the games being played and the new GM putting themselves forward for the next set, we have had a few more games waiting for the set after this including me, so I have 8 weeks to dream up horrible ways to send you all insane with a Cthulhu game that hopefully will keep your brains moving before I send them insane.

I am greatly looking forward to MR T's blacksands game revisited with all of the old characters returning to yet again blow Tiddy's plans right out of the water. Keep us thinking Tiddy!!!

anyway the games going forward are......

Game 1:
D&D - Tiddy

1: ME (Gez)
2: Jez
3: Lewis:
4: Tom
5: Colin B
6: Colin H

Game 2:
Harry Potter - Beth

1: Josh
2: Stephen

Game 3:
Death Watch - Joel

1: John E
2: Mike
3: Elliot W
4: Philippa
5: Dave P
6: Owen P (newby)

Game 4:

Pathfinder - Mick