Warhammer 40k gamer looking for club

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Warhammer 40k gamer looking for club

Postby Jobbov2 » Sun Sep 03, 2017 9:11 pm


My son has recently (Last 5 months) got into playing Warhammer 40k. He used to play at school with friends but has now left High School and so is looking for people to game/paint with. He lives local to Cannock so I was wondering is this something that you do at your club? If so, what days/times etc is the club on and are there any joining fee's?

I have done my best trying to learn the game and play when I can with him but I have quite a demanding job so our chances of gaming are minimum.

Many Thanks


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Re: Warhammer 40k gamer looking for club

Postby wherestheinn » Mon Sep 04, 2017 8:10 am

Good Morning and thank you for your query.

Unfortunately we do not have any Warhammer 40K players at out our club, it is 100% roleplaying.

However, there is a table top gaming club at the Vine Inn, Rugely every Sunday evening starting from 6pm (and I believe Wednesday evenings as well). The club is run by the manager of the pub and they use an upstairs room which is dedicated to tabletop gaming, complete with a large selection of scenery.

They are on Facebook, so I would recommend that you contact them for more details.

Sorry we can't help more.


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