Spycraft: Bad Company

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Spycraft: Bad Company

Postby Lewis » Sat Jul 22, 2017 11:51 pm

I've finally worked out decent long plot arc for a sequel to Spycraft: Mercenaries!

As I mentioned before, the working title was Spycraft: Bad Company and I'll be sticking with that. Just as a side note, it's also technically a sequel to my 'other' Spycraft campaign, the short-lived and experimental Spycraft: Deniables. To put your mind at rest, Bad Company won't be as radical as Deniables. Nor will it turn into Shadowforce Archer, which would be out of keeping with the original down-and-dirty Mercenaries campaign. However, due to the surviving characters being pretty high level, it will be a lot more Spy-Fy and less gritty than the original. It will still be The Unit meets Alias, only with more Alias!

The Bad Company campaign will open with the surviving characters on the run, hunted by law enforcement agencies, terrorists, and a shadowy conspiracy. Since we last left the guns for hire under African skies, their brave leader, Jumbo, has died, and many of their allies are dead, imprisoned, in hiding or turned. Finally, an opportunity arrives to turn and hunt the authors of their misfortunes. It seems the betrayal and theft of the 'Nazi-nuke' was just the opening move in a fresh round of a deadly game of brinksmanship, whose origins lie in the Cold War.

There's the possibility that one section of the campaign could be a 'flashback' to the 1960s. However, I'll discuss that with you before we head down that particular rabbit hole.

Not sure exactly when I'd run this, there's the current iteration of Corwyn to finish first, plus I'm not actively writing at the moment. Bear with me.

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