Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay - The temple at the edge of the civilised world

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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay - The temple at the edge of the civilised world

Postby Backstabapaladin » Mon Apr 03, 2017 10:05 pm

It seems that some insane sky fairy worshippers a hundred years or more ago decided that they would build an all saints (i.e. all old world deities) church close to the chaos wastes with the mission of converting the northern marauders and barbarians to the 'true' faiths of the empire, thus peaceably removing the threat of chaos. Well guess how THAT turned out! :lol:

So back to the present and Erich Freidenhoffer (a fairly high ranking Sigmarite priest) sends a party of 6 out to escort 4 lesser priests to the formerly mentioned church to bring back 4 relics that were to be used in a divine ritual to bolster the defences of Bechafen, a large town soon to be under siege by the dark forces of chaos.

All goes well to start with. The party is ambushed by beastmen but have little difficulty in beating them off. In fact I don't think the beast men managed to score a wound on the party, much to the annoyance of the GM.

Things get a little more interesting when the party arrives at a small village being attacked by a chaos warrior and his band of marauders. A nice little scrap ensues but it takes the party about 1.5 gaming hours just to finally put down the chaos warrior! Too much armour and not enough Ulrich fury rolls to damage him I suspect.

After a night of encountering a wraith which does very little to even dent the sanity of anyone the party finally find themselves at the church, only to find that it is infested by hundreds and hundreds of chaos nasties of all shapes and sizes. Fortunately there is a back way in, or should I say an under way in.

The church had been built on the remains of an old dwarf hold. The party find the back entrance by descending a cliff face and then entering an old cave. They then battle undead of all sorts (ever going upwards) to reach the church and finally find the place where the relics are stored. Unfortunately for them the enemy are digging down and spy the party leaving with their newly acquired loot and give chase. By being way too ingenious for their own pesky good, the party retreat back the way they came in and manage to slow their pursuers down significantly by using the traps and monsters that were left by them on their way in. This is something the GM anticipated but they did rather better than he would have liked. Hence the word 'pesky' in the previous sentence!

Running for their lives they retreat back up the cliff using a narrow path and leg it for the treeline.

Eventually the party lose their pursuers and need to hide in the basement of an old hut in the woods. Too many enemies around means that they have to sit and watch as a demonic ritual is performed in full view of their hideaway. I won't say too much but it involved two dozen victims, a very nasty looking blade, lots of blood and the baking of a small child. Now you didn't HAVE to read the last bit of the last line did you? I did previously mention it was a demonic ritual and you could have stopped reading at that point.....sheesh, some people...!

When half of the chaos nasties eventually bugger off, the party emerge from their hiding place and with some unexpected help manage to dispose of the chaos scum.

The party finds themselves a guide who leads them back to Bechafen. They have to cross a field to the town gates without getting anyone killed and they do this quite well, although the priests they were escorting took a few wallops.

The adventure concludes with the Sigmarite priest Erich Freidenhoffer leading the party back to the temple and asking them to guard him while he casts his ritual spell for protecting the town. Unfortunately for the party he is a secret tzeenchie acolyte and the spell he is casting is actually for the summoning of a greater demon. This is of course botched because Tzeench always betrays his followers and instead allows 4 minor demons to appear, one from each of the ruinous powers. Great satisfaction was had from the GM because no one even suspected that this was going to happen (*smirks evilly*). :twisted: However, as usual the party beat off all the demons, Erich and his two acolytes and save the day. No large in thanks to a bloody elf chucking arrows everywhere and don't get me started on the damned halfling with a sling! :x Oh and thanks Mr T for failing every casting roll in the last fight. :D

The twist in the story is that the party find on Erichs body a sealed letter detailing how the demon summoning ritual is performed and instructing him to do it. The letter is from the high priest of Sigmar in the city of Nuln!

To be concluded............

Party Stats

22 beastmen of varying sizes
27 marauders
2 chaos warriors
24 skeletons
1 Demi-lich
1 Mummy
1 giant undead spider
1 wraith
1 ghost
1 chaos acolyte
2 chaos cultists
4 minor demons

GM stats

3 fate points claimed
total of 6 insanity points doled out
way too generous with experience points

GM wonders what to do for an encore? :ugeek:
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